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A comfortable climate for everyone. Simple as that. While you sit.

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Heating and cooling

Why every office should have the Klimastuhl!

Individual comfort temperature

The room climate is one of the main causes of complaint in the office.* One person’s too hot, another’s too cold – people perceive the temperature very differently. The option of defining the “correct” temperature yourself is a key factor in feeling comfortable at work. The Klöber Klimastuhl makes this possible: every employee can regulate the temperature wherever they sit, selecting their own personal heating preferences. Flexible, any time.

* Source: IFMA-Study, 1991 -2009
Snug and warm at your desk

More comfort in unmodernised buildings

Expansive glazed façades, insufficient heating capacity, draughts, no air conditioning or old windows with a low surface temperature – solving structure-related issues in unmodernised buildings is often complicated or expensive. We have an answer to this problem: the Klöber office chair with climate function. It directly influences your thermal comfort right from your workstation, for an improvement you can feel.

  • 90%
  • 80%
  • 70%
  • 25°C
  • 20°C
  • 15°C

Increasing productivity

Workstation temperature has a strong influence on our productivity. Extremes of heat or cold have a stressful effect on the body and make us less efficient. An optimum temperature helps to enhance people’s comfort and performance*. The Klöber Klimastuhl has a direct influence on the body temperature: the Klöber Klimastuhl has integral heating and ventilation functions in the seat and backrest, allowing the temperature to be applied directly to the body. This means that individuals have their own sphere of influence within which to set the optimum temperature.

* Source: Cornell's Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory

Save energy, reduce costs

The climate function on the chair can exert a positive influence on the energy consumption in the workplace. The fact is: every degree counts in the office. If the room temperature is lowered by just 1 degree during the heating phase, the heating costs are reduced by 6%. In summer, for each degree warmer in the climate control settings, around 4% of electrical energy is saved*. The energy for heating or ventilation in the task chair on the other hand functions far more efficiently: heating and cooling can be felt directly via the body contact surfaces.

* depending on the building type
20% heating costs per degree

Scientifically proven: the Klimastuhl has a positive effect

The climate study, which was conducted as a field study in the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Kaiserslautern, clearly demonstrates: an office chair with a climate function has a significant influence over thermal comfort and experience at work.

Practical Examples

The Klimastuhl for every office

Anywhere where the comfort temperature is not at an optimum for individuals.


Uniquely innovative: The Klimastuhl

Technical innovation

On a long journey you can switch on the seat heating or ventilation to provide comfort you wouldn’t want to be without. In the Klimastuhl, Klöber has optimised this comfort feature for the office professional’s day-to-day life.

  • Cable-free rechargeable battery unit with control display
  • Battery run-time up to 16 hours
  • Intelligent seat occupancy sensor

The heating function warms to a maximum of 37°C. This is equivalent to the body temperature of a healthy human being. The ventilation function conducts surplus heat away from the body, as well as allowing up to 95% of moisture to evaporate from the seat and up to 74% from the backrest.

  • Climate function for seat and backrest
  • Dual-level controls
  • Ergonomic office task chair
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